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Pursuing Health for Fruitful and Sustainable Ministry

Concord Solutions is a consulting firm that works with non-profit organizations to help them pursue spiritual and emotional health for fruitful and sustainable ministry. By achieving greater consistency between values and practices, Christian ministries fulfill their goals with integrity. Look through our website to see what services and resources we offer to help your organization realize its mission.


Too often in our personal and professional lives we let our commitments to purpose and values fall into disrepair. We all need help to restore what’s been lost and realize our goals.


Concord Solutions provides many tools and resources to help you and your organization assess your current circumstance, plan a course of action and coach you as you put these plans into action.


Concord Solutions doesn’t fix things for you but we do partner with you so you and your team learn to work consistently with your values and vision.

To get lost is to learn the way.

African Proverb

Losing your way may be the best opportunity to recommit to your core values and mission.

Let us help you find your way back to your first commitments and achieve your goals.

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We are a non-profit seeking to help other non-profits to live out their convictions to better realize thier vision.

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