Pursuing Health for Fruitful and Sustainable Ministry

Our Mission

Headlines tell us that religious organizations and charities of all kinds are experiencing failures in leadership and organizational culture.

Why are we failing to live up to our own values?

Organizational leaders are balancing the heavy burdens of missional success and institutional success. In the process, we often find ourselves adopting practices that promise financial security and achievement of short-term goals but undermine the primary mission. We need to develop creative and effective strategies that are born of our convictions while having the courage to maintain those same convictions. In other words, we need to pursue organizational health!

That is the mission of Concord Solutions: helping non-profits pursue health for fruitful and sustainable ministry.

Contact Concord Solutions now to schedule a free 1 hour consultation about your ministry or organization and learn how we can help.

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1789 Schoettler Valley Drive
Chesterfield, MO 63017
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