Daryl Madi

For the past 15 years, Daryl has served as mentor to business and church leaders, helping them to find agreement between their values and the way they lead and live.  Trained first as an artist and then as an engineer, Daryl then studied theology and went into Christian ministry. He has long worked to bring the same sense of integrity in his own life that he helps others realize in theirs. His diverse background enables him to engage people and organizations of all kinds. Daryl has worked at and consulted with large suburban churches, rural congregations, local school districts and privately owned businesses.

The grandson of Hungarian immigrants, Daryl grew up in the New York Metro area (NJ). He has since lived in Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina and Missouri. Daryl has been married to Merry for 25 years and has four children (including a set of identical twin girls).

Concord Solutions

Concord Solutions began as an idea in the summer of 2019 while Daryl was taking some time off with his family at Pawley’s Island, SC. In his role with the EPC denomination, Daryl had been working with many churches that had outward success but were not very healthy. He was also watching as churches and businesses around the country were experiencing failures in leadership (both moral and missional) and could see the disconnect between the stated values and the practice of organizations. This dysfunction and lack of coherence appeared to be a recipe for institutional failure.

From a desire to help churches and non-profit organizations to succeed in their mission, Daryl created Concord Solutions, a consulting firm designed to help achieve coherence between conviction and practice.

If you would like to know more about Concord Solutions, contact us today!

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