American Evangelicals, We Have a Problem!

“Houston, we have a problem.” One of the most understated comments in American history was made by Jim Lovell as he reported to NASA that his space craft was I trouble. I believe the Evangelical Church in America also has a serious problem that threatens the very witness and mission of the church. It’s notContinue reading “American Evangelicals, We Have a Problem!”

Being “Amazing” v. Being Christ-like

“Spiritually abusive churches don’t set out to be abusive. They set out to be amazing.” K.J. Ramsey, @kjramseywrites, 10/15/20 I read the above tweet and I was gobsmacked (I love that word but don’t get to use it often). I have been engaging with (hopefully, not “in”) bad behavior (domineering, manipulative, and arrogance behavior) amidstContinue reading “Being “Amazing” v. Being Christ-like”