American Evangelicals, We Have a Problem!

“Houston, we have a problem.” One of the most understated comments in American history was made by Jim Lovell as he reported to NASA that his space craft was I trouble. I believe the Evangelical Church in America also has a serious problem that threatens the very witness and mission of the church. It’s notContinue reading “American Evangelicals, We Have a Problem!”

Being “Amazing” v. Being Christ-like

“Spiritually abusive churches don’t set out to be abusive. They set out to be amazing.” K.J. Ramsey, @kjramseywrites, 10/15/20 I read the above tweet and I was gobsmacked (I love that word but don’t get to use it often). I have been engaging with (hopefully, not “in”) bad behavior (domineering, manipulative, and arrogance behavior) amidstContinue reading “Being “Amazing” v. Being Christ-like”

What the 2011 Cardinals Taught Me About Life

Do you sometimes feel like you are on the losing end of life? The load has been heavy during these past seven months: a struggling economy, racial tension and violence, the never-ending vitriol of politics. Need I mention the pandemic and the social restrictions associated with it? Things are stressful. Our bandwidth is stretched toContinue reading “What the 2011 Cardinals Taught Me About Life”