Christmas Gift from Concord

For Christmas this year, we are offering 5 coaching packages as a gift. The package includes the following 5 meetings: Pre-Coaching: Greet/Assessment Process Session 1: Assessment Debrief and Coaching Plan Session 2: Personal Story & Spiritual Life  Session 3: Cultural and Emotional Understanding Session 4: Key Ministry Skills Development Ministry coaching from Concord is not aboutContinue reading “Christmas Gift from Concord”

Are You Tired… Afraid? A Word of Encouragement

Who out there is tired? Tired of virtual school… tired of wearing masks and hand sanitizer… tired of not seeing family and friends… tired of the subtle angst of losing your job or getting COVID? Maybe you have descended into those lows already. Many of you have leadership roles on top of all that… asContinue reading “Are You Tired… Afraid? A Word of Encouragement”

American Evangelicals, We Have a Problem!

“Houston, we have a problem.” One of the most understated comments in American history was made by Jim Lovell as he reported to NASA that his space craft was I trouble. I believe the Evangelical Church in America also has a serious problem that threatens the very witness and mission of the church. It’s notContinue reading “American Evangelicals, We Have a Problem!”

Why Faith Communities Should Get Involved with the Problem of Addiction

I got the call on day in the summer of 2012: “He took his own life.” I was talking with someone who attended the church I pastored. She was a friend (I will call her Mary). Our children went to school together. She was a kind and compassionate person. That’s what led Mary and herContinue reading “Why Faith Communities Should Get Involved with the Problem of Addiction”

Being “Amazing” v. Being Christ-like

“Spiritually abusive churches don’t set out to be abusive. They set out to be amazing.” K.J. Ramsey, @kjramseywrites, 10/15/20 I read the above tweet and I was gobsmacked (I love that word but don’t get to use it often). I have been engaging with (hopefully, not “in”) bad behavior (domineering, manipulative, and arrogance behavior) amidstContinue reading “Being “Amazing” v. Being Christ-like”